Comments from Karakampa customers:

"Could you pass on our sincere thanks to Ferdie for the time and effort he put into fitting our reversing camera screen last Thursday. Tell him it is working without fault. We also enjoyed the tour of the factory and the way both he and Al made us feel welcome.

We are presently in Bourke and having a great time, with everything working well."

Cheers Jim Rudling 

“Being new to caravanning we looked for the smallest and lightest van we could find with a workable shower and toilet. Our Karakampa is all that but it also has all the creature comforts of a much bigger van and more kitchen bench space than some much larger vans. It tows easily behind our 2.0 litre diesel and more experienced caravanners always comment on its layout and its build quality. The Karakampa has worked perfectly from the first time we hitched it to the car but we know if we do have any problems in the future the Centaur team is always there to help.”

         "Frank B"

          "It tows like a dream! We love it."

          "Its so easy to tow. I can go where I want, and my wife has all the comforts she needs" 


"We arrived back in Canberra yesterday after a most enjoyable shake down cruise. The van performed excellently. I found it towed much better after we loaded all our gear into it."

"We have camped for one and two nights at a time without power with no problems. I think even with the single battery we should have no worries lasting three nights off grid."


Comments from previous caravan shows:

"Just loved the Karakampa prototype, great to see such ingenuity and a wonderful solution with all that's required in a compact package. Fantastic design work!!!"

         "Your concept caravan was the highlight of the day for me. Outstanding!"

"Congratulations, your caravan is a truly inspired design"

"Just saw the Karakampa today at the show and we thought what a ripper, too busy admiring it and didn't get to ask any questions. Well done!"

"We met you at the recent caravan show and came away saying thank goodness someone has finally come up with a concept that was most impressive"

            "Incredible design that maximizes all the space in such a small area"

"New front doors on the series II are brilliant, much better access to the cavernous front tunnel"

             "There's more bench space than most vans over 20 feet."

"The finish is superb"