1. Where can I see a Centaur van?

    Centaur Products Australia Pty Ltd

     6 Industry Circuit
     Kilsyth VIC 3137 Australia
     Phone: 03 8727 7000


  2. Do you exhibit anywhere else?
    We currently display at various caravan industry run expos in Victoria.  Keep an eye on displays link on the home page for up-to-date show information.


  3. Do you make a Queen Bed version?

    We now include a Queen size bed in length, with the width remaining the same, as a build option.

  4. Do you have an "off-road" version with more ground clearance?

    The Highrise option kit includes a different axle, shock absorbers and 15" wheels. This has the benefit of adding another 100mm in extra ground clearance. We now have a trailing arm suspension option as well for the more adventurous.

  5. Can my vehicle tow your Karakampa Series II?

    The Karakampa Series II comes in at around 1350kgs tare with a 1700 GTM, making most mid size to large vehicles capable of comfortably towing the Karakampa Series II. Many customers have told us the Karakampa Series II is a dream to tow.

  6. What is the ball weight of the Karakampa Series II?

    The average ball weight of the karakampa II is around 90kgs. We have manufactured Karakampa’s with ball weights from 80-110 kgs. Ball weights are checked for each individual Karakampa II manufactured.

  7. What warranty do you offer on the vans?

    We offer a 3 Year Warranty on the Chassis, Body, and Cabinetry. All ancillaries fitted to the van come with their own Manufacturer's Warranty.

  8. How much deposit is required when placing an order?

    We require 10% Deposit to secure a place in our build schedule with the balance to be paid on delivery.

  9. What options are available?

    We have a list of options available for each model, our sales team will be able to help you further when making choices.

  10. Can a washing machine be fitted?

    Yes, we can fit a 2.2kg top loader at the end of the bench in the Karakampa models.

  11. How do you go fitting the rear awning set up in caravan park sites?

    When you look at the length of the van with the rear awning extended it is no different to having a 21'4" van. The majority of customers also opt for the side awning option as well.

  12. Do you have solar available?

    We can fit wiring internally to the roof with an access hatch for future solar fitment. We also have the option to fit an Anderson plug on the "A" frame for portable solar panels. We have recently organised a solar package with 160W panels that we can offer on the roof.

  13. Are there many choices available in the upholstery for the seats?

    Yes, we have our standard upholstery that comes in 3 colors and then we have an upgrade to a microfibre product that also looks like leather. This product comes in a number of colors helping to personalise your van further.

  14. Are there color choices in the bench and table tops?

    Yes, we currently have 3 colors to choose from, all of which coordinate with our upholstery colors.

  15. Can bike racks be fitted?

    Yes, we can fit a bike rack on the front "A" frame by storing the spare wheel inside the front boot.

  16. Can a larger fridge be fitted?

    At the moment we fit the largest fridge we can that does not interfere with the bench space for the Karakampa.  The Karavané has more space so a 190L fridge can be fitted.

  17. Is there any protection offered from stone chips to the front of the van?

    Yes, we supply a stone chip protector not unlike the "Car Bra" people have fitted to their expensive sports and luxury cars to help keep your van looking like new.

  18. Do you make a 4 berth version?

    The Karakampa’s overall concept of "Indulgence for Life" combined with a lightweight build makes a full 4 berth challenging. There are annex walls available which attach to the rear awning which can allow for additional beds.

  19. Is it possible to have a tandem axle?

    We would have to look at the merits of a twin axle on such a small caravan. It would affect the weight and the clearance on some off-road situations. The advantage of a single axle is that it makes the van easier to manouver by hand.

  20. Are you looking at building a larger van?

    Yes we have the Karavané.

  21. Can an oven be fitted?

    Not a built in oven. It does however come standard with a 3 burner gas cook top and microwave with plenty of bench space for a Convection oven, not forgetting plenty of storage area for a BBQ.